You Snooze - You Don't Lose

It's 3:30am, the alarm goes off and I quickly hop out of bed. Straight to the bathroom to shower and apply my make-up, I breeze through my morning routine as I get ready to embrace another work day. At the studio by 4:15am, I make coffee and open the register as my husband sets up that days class. Without a hesitation I jump in on the 5am workout, absolutely murder my routine, then work the previous days deposits, reply to over night emails and start the days first batch of AlphaBAKED Goods. By 8am, I've already put in a half days work and the sun has barely been out an hour.

At least that's how they start at the beginning of the week..

The end of the week looks more like this..

It's 3:30am, the alarm goes off and Doug hits the snooze button while I wipe the drool off the side of my mouth and fall back asleep. 3:35am, the alarm goes off again. Doug silences it, again, and asks me if I'm ready to get up. Somewhere between a snore and a plea for mercy, I tell him, "just 10 more minutes," and again, he resets the alarm. 3:45am, and guess what? It's the alarm. Doug finally gets out of bed and turns on the lights forcing me to open my eyes. Like a sloth, I grab his over-sized hoodie, throw it on and zombie-walk to the bathroom, squinting as my eyes try to adjust to the lights. I apply my face as best as I can while still half asleep, pull up my hair, throw on some clothes and walk out the door... in my house shoes.

Much like my morning routine, my diet motivation begins to tire through out the week. The ice cream that was so easy to turn away on Monday is impossible not to think about Thursday night when I'm watching TV in my pjs. Pushing my diet "snooze button", I give into temptation and tell myself just one little bite won't hurt. Before I know it, it's almost bedtime, half the carton is empty and I can't find my house shoes. 

While I'm still working on ways to stop myself from asking for ten more minutes of sleep, here are a few ways I have found help keep my from snoozing on my meal plan. 

1.  Set Time Restrictions.

In her book 'Full', Asheritah Ciuciu suggests setting "Business Hours" for your stomach. Only open from 7am-8pm, all meals, snacks and cheats must be consumed during "business hours". Otherwise, your mouth is "closed" and you have to wait opening time.

2. Distract The Craving.

Instead of ignoring the want, distract yourself from it. Work on a project, clean the house, or start a hobby whenever you want to cheat. More times than not, you'll get busy and forget about whatever it is you were wanting.

3. Talk It Out With a Friend.

Keep a close friend or accountability partner who you can turn to when you want to cheat. Talking it out with someone can help you remember why you are refraining in the first place. 

4. Tell Yourself No.

Even more than having a friend tell you no, tell yourself no. Self discipline is key in any weight loss or fitness routine. Don't be your own enabler. 

5. Never Give Up.

What happens when one through four don't work and you ate the ice cream? Put the spoon in the sink and get back on track. "The key to being a success is to continue being a success." You never fail if you never give up.

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