Off with the old!

 There are so many different stages of fitness. Some are physical, some mental and everyone experiences them differently. I'm currently in the stage my husband would probably call the "Baby Stage" because I act like a baby almost every time we go to the gym. My mindset is right when we get there but then when my body doesn't do what I think it should, I get frustrated and allow it to ruin my workout.

   I was having a conversation the other night with the hubs, who also happens to be my trainer, and we were discussing my mental block. He explained to me, for the probably millionth time, that I needed to use that frustration and anger to power my workouts. While that sounds like a great motivational poster... I didn't have a clue how to do it.

    So, we hit the gym at lunch yesterday and an honest mistake with weight caused me to completely fail out on my second set. I mean, I was done.. and then I was pissed.

"How did you not get that weight?" "Why didn't you push through?" "You could have done it if you'd really tried."

   While it ended up being a killer session, I know if I had been able to use my disappointment instead of trying to stuff it down, I would have been able to lift a lot heavier.

   We went to the gym again last night as we committed to '2-A-Days' all week this week. After disappointing myself at lunch, I was determined that I was going to own the second one. It started out rough and by the time we got to our last super-set I thought for sure I'd missed my opportunity. I just couldn't get into it. I couldn't channel my feelings.. Until the very last set.

   I got up. Grabbed the weights and I seriously beasted through my reps. I yelled at myself. I encouraged myself. I counted my reps and I gave it everything I had. I made every single one and I felt AMAZING.

   I turned around to the hubs, convinced he'd be just as excited as I was. I mean, I'd just broke through! Of course he was excited! I whipped around and I swear this guy was looking at himself flexing in the mirror...

Like seriously? Did you not just see me murder that set?? 

Do you not realize how big of a moment this is? I'm like Rocky running up the steps right now!

   He didn't have a clue what had just happened. But I did. I had finally conquered my real enemy. I'd finally found "that" place. I turned the other way, did a little victory dance on the inside and played it cool. Because that's what gym people do, right?

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