"Lean" on Fat Burners

As a trainer and person who's lost over 100 lbs, I know one of the biggest factors in losing weight is the timeline. "How long is it going to take?"

    We are plagued with this 'Microwave Mindset'. We don't want to preheat the oven, bake the meal and then wait for it to cool. We want to pop it in the microwave, heat it up for a couple minutes and then eat it so fast we burn our tongues. We do this over and over even though we know it would have been a lot better had we really invested the time and effort into prepping the meal properly.

    Our health is no different. We want all the benefits of the hard work without actually making the sacrifice. Instead we search for the next "magic" pill or "quick" fix and get a burn on the tongue instead of enjoying the full flavor of a well prepared meal.

    While it's always best to take a natural approach to any kind of weight loss or workout routine; that doesn't mean you can't help increase your results by adding supplements to your diet. Fat burners are a great addition to any healthy diet and exercise routine aimed at losing fat. They work with your body to help increase energy, curb appetite, and promote fat loss by elevating your metabolism and core temperature so you can burn more calories throughout the day.     They have also been shown to assist in the release of hormones that signal fat stores to be released and be used for energy. This is another reason why it is so important to add fat burners into your routine instead of relying on them to do the work. If you aren't active enough to use the extra fat for energy, it will simply be stored again as fat.

    Adding fat burners to your daily supplement routine has a ton of benefits but don't grow weary if you aren't seeing "instant results". Take the product as recommended for at least 2-3 weeks prior to giving any feedback. Before pictures, measurements and regular weigh ins are all great ways to track your progress. You didn't put the weight on over night; it's not going to come off that way either. Consistency is key.

    Like with anything else, over time our bodies build up a tolerance to the effects of the ingredients. When you notice you aren't really "feeling" it anymore instead of upping your dose switch to a non-stimulant fat burner while your body rests. Choosing a fat burner is kind of like choosing coffee. If you don't like caffeine in your coffee then you probably won't like caffeine in your fat burner and a stimulant free capsule would be best for you. Those of us who need coffee for safety of others, go with the stimulant option.

    Stimulant based fat burners can have a diuretic effect, so you may feel like the bathroom is your second home. It's important not to slack on your water intake during this time as it's easier to become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to a slowed metabolism and alters the way our bodies turn fat into fuel. Make sure you're staying hydrated and taking the product that is best for you.

    I personally use and recommend RSP's line of QuadraLean Fat Burners to all of my friends and clients. They offer both stimulant based and stimulant free versions of fat burners and neither will disappoint. Designed to burn fat while simultaneously providing energy and focus these products can take your fitness goals to a whole new level.

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