Goal Digger

Hi. My name is Franny and I am a Goal Digger. 

Yes, you read that right. Goal. Digger. As in, nothing excites me and drives me more than making a goal and crushing it. It's kind of like the satisfaction I get when I make a 'To Do' list and then cross things off as I accomplish them. I enjoy it so much that I have seriously written, 'Write To Do List' on a 'To Do" list just so I could cross it off when I was done.. Yep, you read that right, too.

Anyhoo! Goal Digger. That's me. I enjoy getting shit done. Which is why I enjoy working out so much. I'm constantly finding myself making new goals to reach in the gym.

- That bench press PR - Abs - My arms to stop waving at me.  Seriously, though.. Who doesn't want that?

Goals, inspire me.. Reaching said goals, inspires me.. but seeing other people reach their goals, that takes me to a whole new level of inspiration and motivation. It's a tragic normality that instead of using the success of others as motivation, we allow it to blur our focus in envy and greed.

I recently hopped in on a battle ropes class that my husband instructs on Sunday mornings. We had a couple of first timers so I made a point to be in their group in case they needed anything. We were about 35 minutes into the class and I was at my limit. I remember looking up and seeing the two "newbies" trucking along in front of me. You could tell they were tired but they were still going. STILL GOING! They had goals and they were crushing them! YESSSSSSSS! The Goal Digger inside of me went into overdrive and it literally motivated me the rest of my workout.

Inspire yourself. Motivate yourself. And when you can't seem to get out of that rut, use the success and motivation of others to fuel your drive. Be a Goal Digger! Besides, you never know who you're inspiring just by inspiring yourself. 

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