...but will there be food?

"Sometimes I love cake more than I love being fit."  

                                                     - Me ..every time I see cake.

I love food. Like, I seriously love food. I'm the kind of person that will sit and think about what I'm eating for lunch and dinner that day while I'm eating my breakfast.. or my pre-breakfast snack that I have while my breakfast is cooking. Don't judge me. You do it, too.

The problem isn't that I love food. The problem is that I let my love of food hinder the self-respect I have for my own body. We all get one body; just one. While some issues can't be helped a lot of our aches and pains are from our own doing. MYSELF INCLUDED! Does eating Taco Casa make me wake up with indigestion all night and force me to eat a small mountain of Rolaids the following day? YES! Does that stop me from eating it? HECK NO! It tastes good! It makes me feel good; but really it doesn't.

Taking care of our bodies goes far beyond keeping them physically fit. You must also stay mentally fit. I have to be strong enough to say, "Yeah, Taco Casa sounds good and I know it will taste good but my future self will appreciate me saving us the discomfort it's going to bring with it." Taking care of myself includes protecting myself; from myself. 

How many times have you said , "One bite won't hurt"? Or, "Sleeping in this one time is OK"? We feed ourselves with what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear. We sabotage ourselves with our lack of self-discipline and in the end sacrifice our goals and sometimes our health in the process. Taking care of ourselves also means telling ourselves no. It's helping ourselves. 

I still enjoy my food. I still sleep in here and there and indulge in the "one bite" theory. (We all know how that goes.) Even more than that I stand up for myself; for my body. I watch out for myself. I help myself and I take care of myself; mentally and physically. 

So, yeah... I love food.

But I love me way more.


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