"You will never always be motivated.

You must learn to be disciplined."

Are you still making excuses?

"You will get what you want when you stop making

excuses on why you don't have it.

(article credit W.T. Hamilton. See full article here.)

Excuses are a Great Tool (when you really didn’t want to achieve something anyway). People can always think of great excuses.

I hear excuses all the time. I didn’t have enough money to keep it going. Everything was moving too fast. Nobody was there for me when I really needed them. I tried my best but it wasn’t my time. There is always a great excuse.

When we give so much energy to making excuses for something not going the way we wanted we block the new idea that will show us how we can make it work. We draw more excuses to us until we feel good about not achieving the goal. At this point we have closed the door to ever achieving the goal. It has died a slow but permanent death. Whoa, how bleak is that?

Imagine if we spent half as much time trying to find the way to succeed as we do thinking of valid reasons why we didn’t.

Imagine if we just accepted that we had a weak plan and looked for another plan to reach our goal. What would happen then?

The truth is that the excuses add no value or insight. They bring no benefits. They do not raise your energy field, so they should not be a part of your vocabulary. Instead of looking for excuses start looking for solutions. Solutions are in the positive and high energy field. They will bring with them an abundance of ideas. They will lead you to a better plan, a better path to achieving your goal.

This is where you want to be. In an abundance of solutions. In an abundance of ways to reach your goal. Leave the excuses for those who love to start things. There are enough people out there that are only great at starting. Your mission is to continue to work toward your goal. Your homework is to make many excuses for why you need to achieve your goal. Then pick your favorite one and use it often. And remember…

There is an abundance of reasons why you can’t do something but you really only need one. Same holds true for why you can do something.


Saturday, April 13th @ 10am

Hip-Hop STEP!

You don't want to miss this high-energy cardio workout with Guest Instructor, LaToya Brown!

Open to the first 15 to sign in. 2nd sessions will be available for overflow.

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Sunday, April 28thth @ 8:30am

First Annual BAR HOP

Lift the bar then hit the bar at our first annual Muscle Cave Bar Hop! You'll start with an indoor/outdoor relay style workout followed by a VIP trip to our Self-Serve Protein Bar. All participants will also receive a limited edition BAR HOP Tee. (Select pick up @ checkout)


Sunday, May 19th


Burnet, Texas

The Muscle Cave is officially registered for the Spartan Sprint and we want YOU to join us!

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Let's Get Cookin'

Your turn! Tell us how these recipes turn out!



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Check out this breakfast egg wrap.





We have three weeks left and there is NO time for excuses. Commit to make EVERY workout, watch every meal and make NO EXCUSES as to why you "can't" this week. 



We've taken the headache out of meal planning.

Pick one of three options for a balanced days menu!

Don't forget to your morning and afternoon snacks!

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3 Sets - 12 Reps

Chest & Tricep

Flat Bench Press

"V" Raises

Cable Crossover

Cable Pressdown

3 Sets - 12 Reps

Back & Bicep

Cable Pulldown

Seated Cable Row

Bicep Curls (DB)

EZ Bar Curls

3 Sets - 12 Reps

Legs & Core

Leg Extensions

Hamstring Curls

Leg Press

Knee Ins (On bench) x25