- DRIVEN 2019 -

An incredible story of physical and mental transformation.

Lisa, July 2018

Learn how Lisa found her DRIVE

and lost almost 50 pounds

in less than six months!

Meet Lisa

- Lisa Czajkowski

"Don't get side-tracked with things that your mind tries to use against you. You are doing this for you. Everyone starts somewhere - just start now."

Lisa, December 2018

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Weight lifter.

Trail Runner.

2 Time SPARTAN Trifecta Finisher.

Certified Scuba Diver.

100% Fitness Junkie.

All of these words can be used to effectively

describe long-time, local banker, Lisa Czajkowski, 

but that hasn't always been the case.

Lisa, mother and grandmother, admits she has always struggled with being overweight. After the discovery of two herniated discs, a back surgery in 2002 really set Lisa's health back and she was desperate for a change. "{After surgery} I was told to start walking and lose the weight or I would be right back in there with back problems again. I started walking on a treadmill, took Zumba classes and then graduated to Turbo Kick-Boxing but never did any weight training," said Lisa. 

With the help of her new routine, and doctor prescribed weight loss pills, Lisa was able to lose about 20 pounds but said she put the weight back on after she discontinuing them. "I gained all of it back because I could not sustain the weight loss with the food I was eating." Determined to change the direction of her health, Lisa joined a local outdoor bootcamp class and started trying popular 'fad' diets in an effort to lose more weight. She attributes a loss of 35 pounds to the combination of the two, but still struggled to keep the scale from yo-yo'ing as much as her diet. "I tried to change my diet several times and in the back of my mind I knew I needed to buckle down on the food issues I had, but I never totally committed to it. I made the same excuses that I had always made for my poor choices. Don't get me wrong, I tried to kill the workouts, but without getting the proper fuel, it just did not work." She emphasized, "You cannot out-train                                                                          a bad diet!"



After five years of the same up and down routine, Lisa came across a Facebook ad offering the hope she'd been looking for all along. "I had seen The Muscle Cave on Facebook when they opened and for a year I had wanted to give the classes, specifically Battle Ropes, a try. DRIVEN 2018 was advertised and I found my reason to go in and try something a little different."

"I needed the extra motivation. The extra push to get me on a track where I had the tools I needed to achieve my goals," and Lisa says that's exactly what she got. " The camaraderie and intent of DRIVEN was evident from the orientation. Listening to and being a part of DRIVEN was like going into a house full of family members who were all there for the same reason. By the end of it, I realized there was going to be more involved to weight loss and achieving my goals than going to a class. It was a lifestyle change!"

How did Lisa change her lifestyle? She changed her mindset. "You have to have a clear picture in your mind of what to expect. It is a battle between your mind and your body. You push each workout until you cannot push any more. Plan ahead. Prepare your food in advance. Get your gym clothes ready in advance. Take extra water. Go to bed early, get up early. Everyone starts somewhere. Just start now."

Lisa, July 2018

Lisa, December 2018

Her mindset wasn't the only thing that changed. After understanding what it took to have lasting results, Lisa completely overhauled her daily and weekly routine. She maintains her new lifestyle with balanced meals that include a lean protein, like chicken or turkey, with steamed veggies and brown rice.

Morning and afternoon snacks often include fruit and

nuts or turkey wraps with cheese. She also stays active by attending at least four group fitness classes at her local gym and sees a Personal Trainer twice a week.

Lisa encourages anyone approaching this journey to view it in a new way. "Don't get side-tracked with things that your mind tries

to use against you. You are doing this for you. Know that goals

do not come to realization overnight, but believe that anything is possible."

While she may not be where she wants to be, Lisa is definitely

on the right track. Having lost almost 100 pounds to date, Lisa

has a full schedule for 2019 that includes multiple trail runs,

several diving trips, numerous obstacle course races and completing the needed requirements to obtain her Personal Training Certificate. "I want to help others be the best that they

can be, just like I have."


Lisa, December 2018

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