A Muscle Cave Challenge


Who We Are


We're Gonna Be.... KILLIN' IT!!
Limited to 25 Spots!

The Muscle Cave Bar & Gym is excited to be hosting
Killin' It: A Muscle Cave Fitness Challenge!

Participants will endure 4 hours of back to back TO BACK workouts that will push their minds and bodies to the limit!

Challengers will begin outdoors with an intense cardio focused warm up workout. From there we'll transition into an indoor / outdoor strength and cardio relay designed to build muscle and increase endurance. Participants will finish the morning inside with a flex, stretch and sweat challenge day finisher aimed to “finish off” any will power you may have leftover. (Just kidding... but seriously.)

This is a "Marathon" Style Event where you can take as much, or as little, time as you need to complete the challenge!


Elite & Open Challenge Variations!

Participant Packet Pick-Up: 
Thursday or Friday, October 13th & 14th
4pm - 6:45pm, Participant Packet Pick-Up

Event Day Schedule:
Saturday, October 15th
7:30am - 8:10am, Participant Check-In & Packet Pick-Up
7:45am -  8:10am, First Round of Drinks
8:15'ish am, Workout #1 (Outdoor Workout)
9:15-9:30am, Second Round of Drinks
9:30'ish am, Workout #2 (Indoor / Outdoor Relay)
10:15am - 10:30am, Refreshments On the House
10:30'isham - 11:30am, Workout #3 (Indoor Workout)
11:30am, Last Round of Drinks & After Party

Registration Includes:
- (3) Back to Back Workouts
- (3) Rounds of Drinks; Pre-Workout Shot / Intra-BCAA / Post-Protein Recovery
- (3) Muscle Cave Collector Glasses (Bar drinks will be served in glasses)
- Challenger Event Tee
- Muscle Cave Gym Sack
- Muscle Cave Beanie
- Event Wristband
- Challenger Bib

Early Bird Registration thru Sept. 15th - $75
More details to come!

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