LIFT - 45 minutes

Full body, circuit style strength training class combining moderate to heavy weight compound movements and high intensity cardio. 


Combining strength training and intensive cardio, this interval based workout will ramp up your metabolism and help build muscle.

BATTLE ROPES - 50 minutes

High intensity interval training through timed battle rope sequences and active resting circuits. 


Strengthen your body and build endurance in this intense 45 minute workout!

BOOTCAMP - 45 minutes

Target specific muscle groups with light to moderate strength training and cardio giving you a complete and total body workout.

STEP! - 30 minutes

High energy full body cardio workout and muscle conditioning class.

MAX HIIT - 45 minutes

Cardio circuit intervals that build in intensity as the class progresses.

MAX REPS - 45 minutes

Weight training and muscle building through heavy weights and max reps.

BATTLE BAGS - 45 minutes

We've taken two of your favorite classes and combined them to make the most intense cardio workout experience.


SANDBAGS - 45 minutes

Build muscle and burn fat in this extreme 45 minute workout. This advanced class circuits between compound strength movements using a 50lbs sandbag and intense active resting sequences.  


PILATES - 20 minutes

Sculpt, strengthen and tone in with Pilates.  This low impact workout focuses aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.